10 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Summer

Weather and hot temperatures stimulate the growth of disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and various kinds of germs. Not to mention the decreasing body resistance, lack of clean water supply and dry air which makes the environment more unhealthy .

Therefore, special tips are needed so that the body stays healthy in the summer and away from various diseases.

1. Wear light cotton clothing

During summer, sweat production has increased. This is very popular for the bacteria that cause prickly heat. So, try to always maintain the coolness of the body so that bacteria do not develop further and cause skin infections. Light cotton clothing can keep the body cool so that sweat production can be reduced.

2. Stay in the shade

Hot air makes the body easily tired. When forced to remain exposed to direct sunlight, it can certainly cause health problems such as stroke. Also try to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

3. Use head and face protectors

Sometimes we cannot avoid direct sunlight for various reasons such as work, sports, while on the beach and others. Always use head and face protectors. The easiest way to protect your head is to wear a hat. As for the face, use a sunscreen to avoid being affected by harmful sunlight. Staying in the shade, wearing a hat and sunscreen can be a way to avoid prickly heat and unpleasant body odor.

4. Get used to washing hands with soap

Remember, in the summer germs can develop everywhere. Inside the house, on the toilet , in the yard, on the porch, in the room, in the kitchen and everywhere. Whatever is held by the palm of the hand has the potential to spread germs that cause disease. By getting used to washing hands with soap, the spread of diseases caused by germs on the palms can be avoided.

5. Bath with cold water regularly

There are many benefits of bathing with cold water . One of them is removing toxins and germs in the body. Bathing with cold water can control excessive sweat production which is the place where body odor bacteria grow.

6. Take care of body fluids

During summer, body fluids are more easily decreased sharply due to excessive sweat production. The easiest and best way to keep your body fluids or restore lost body fluids is to drink lots of healthy water, safe from harmful substances. In addition to water, consuming fruits that have a lot of water content is also good for stabilizing body fluids.

7. Always consume healthy food

One of the benefits of consuming healthy foods especially those that contain vitamins is to improve the antibody or immune system. During summer, the body is susceptible to summer infections. By consuming healthy food, this can be avoided. Also make sure that the food consumed is washed clean.

8. Stay away from rubbing eyes

As is commonly the case, hot weather makes the body tired and eyes easily sleepy. Efforts to restrain drowsiness increase tear production so that usually, people who evaporate because of their sleepy eyes become swollen and runny . Rubbing your eyes with your bare hands in the summer is at risk of causing eye health problems because of the germs on your hands that are used for rubbing. In addition, rubbing the eyes can also spread eye infections to other people who are close. We recommend using a handkerchief, tisue or clean towel to clean the eyes.

9. Keep the water clean

Even though a little, the water that stagnates for a long time in one place without changing can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Especially in summer where the volume of water decreases, mosquitoes will scramble for breeding grounds if they find stagnant water. So, always maintain the cleanliness of water places. If there is no circulation, empty a place of water then dry. If it will still be used, cover the water tightly, or as often as possible the water is refilled.

10. Clean the place to eat and cutlery

Make sure the hands are washed when they will start processing food. Cooking equipment is also dry and clean. Likewise when serving food, make sure eating utensils such as plates, glasses, spoons, forks and others have been washed and dried to avoid food poisoning caused by various bacteria and summer germs.

These are special tips that can be done to keep the body healthy in the summer, avoid various diseases and other health problems.