Cucumber, Effective Vegetables Reducing High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is one of the dangerous diseases that can attack anyone. Because, hypertension or rising blood pressure does not look at the age and symptoms are difficult to recognize early. Usually, people with hypertension are only known when their disease is in the acute or severe category. That's when high blood pressure-lowering drugs are needed.

Reduction of high blood pressure turned out to not only come from drugs that are made from chemicals, Mother. Not a few natural ingredients that can be used as effective high blood pressure reduction. One of them is cucumber. Yes, cucumber is a natural ingredient that can immediately help reduce hypertension. What is the effective way to work cucumber? following the review!

Cucumber content

Cucumbers contain many benefits of the compounds and vitamins they contain. The most visible ingredients in this fresh vegetable friend include vitamins K, A, and C which are very beneficial for body health. Cucumber is also rich in powerful antioxidants, such as flavonoids, which can counteract free radicals.

Not only that, there are three effective ingredients namely potassium, magnesium, and fiber which can reduce systolic pressure by up to 5 points, and diastolic by 3.5 points. This is known based on research conducted by the United States Department of Health.

Low sodium levels are also useful as a high blood pressure reduction. As is known that high sodium intake can actually cause a person's blood pressure to rise. In addition, cucumbers also contain potassium which is very important to control blood pressure. Cucumber is known to contain around 442 mg of potassium, while the body's potassium intake is around 4700 mg per day.

Choosing a Good Cucumber

For moms who already love shopping, surely not difficult not to find fresh cucumber for consumption? Choose cucumbers that are protected from sunlight. If you buy it at a supermarket, try to choose cucumbers stored in low temperatures. Avoid cucumbers that have been soft, wrinkled on the skin, wrinkled, or tend to turn yellow, because this can indicate that cucumbers have been in storage for a long time.

Proper Storage Period of Cucumber

In general, cucumber can be stored in a refrigerator with a low temperature. If you are forced to leave cucumber after being consumed, then put the remaining cucumber in a tightly closed plastic container. Use the remaining cucumber for 1-2 days, because more than that time the cucumber no longer contains beneficial vitamins.

With increasing public awareness to move to a healthy lifestyle, this one water-rich vegetable is also hunted down as a healthy snack and high blood pressure reduction. Mother, which one do you prefer, cucumber for vegetables or pickled?