Advantages And Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a very popular choice for new sites, but that is not the only option provided. Are you building a large site or are you building a site for just as little as you care about the growth of your site going forward? If you want to build a large site and will always grow into a popular site later, Shared hosting is not the only right choice of your hosting service, but Shared Hosting is the right choice to start a new site.

And if you intend to take a Shared hosting hosting package, then you should also pay attention to whether the hosting service provider also provides several other hosting packages such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting and also Dedicated hosting. And here is a full explanation of shared hosting, the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting that you must read.


Shared hosting basically means providing server resources for use by several websites. The hosting company divides the space on the drive to be allocated to many clients. Every website on a particular server shares space and resources and therefore the price of the Shared Hosting package is cheaper than other packages. Shared Hosting is like renting a rent or apartment to be used together in order to save money because it is shared. Because some people pay to use the same server, it's cheaper for many people.


Of course there are many benefits to using a shared hosting plan. One of them, what I have explained above is to save money or spend less money because of the cheap price. Most shared hosting is fully managed by the hosting service provider. When your site is fully managed it means that your shared hosting provider takes care of the technical elements of your site. This means you don't have to worry about anything other than managing your site (sales, content, design, etc.)

By using shared hosting, of course your time will also not be wasted in handling the server side. So by choosing shared hosting from your hosting service provider, you can save a lot of time and money.


Seperti halnya layanan atau produk, ada beberapa perangkap. Jika situs Anda tumbuh terlalu besar untuk server, Anda mungkin dikenakan biaya sebelum Anda meng-upgrade ke VPS (virtual private server) atau dedicated server. Hal ini juga bisa memperlambat situs Anda, bahkan Down karena meningkatnya lalu lintas. Atau, jika orang lain menggunakan terlalu banyak sumber daya bersama, kecepatan situs Anda mungkin akan terpengaruh.

You will not have the freedom in shared hosting to customize your server. You do not have access. This is another bad side of hosting that is fully managed by the provider. For those of you who want to have a little more free control about how your site operates, shared hosting may not be the best choice. You will be far better off using VPS or even a dedicated server if the size of your site already requires the use of the package. You can make your own technical changes to your site server.


Overall, Shared hosting benefits you. You have choices in affordable prices and many customers agree that shared hosting is the best choice. This type of hosting is ideal for small businesses or individuals who use sites for personal portfolios or for beginners who are still learning in the web world, even novice bloggers are also suitable for using shared hosting. With Shared hosting you can focus on your site's content rather than server management like the type of hosting package on it. And below I attach 5 hosting companies that are good for you to try.