10 Best and Best Smart TV Brands

Since 2014, the presence of Smart TV has received a positive response from consumers. This Smart TV can replace the position of a PC or laptop. Referred to as smart television because this one electronic device is indeed supported by various features and technologies that make it look "smart".

Because so many Smart TV brands are on the market, of course you are confused when you have to choose the best one. Following this Mispuani makes the best Smart TV list that can be taken into consideration before you buy this smart television.

1. Sony

Sony produces some of the best smart TV series. Some of them already carry the OLED type screen which offers counter and sharper colors than ordinary TVs. Sony Smart TV carries the Android operating system, so you can do activities such as streaming or browsing like using a tablet.

The highest Sony Smart TV series has offered 4K High Dynamic Range clarity that makes images look more detailed and real. There is also support for Accoustic Surface Technology that produces perfect audio. The highest series like the Sony A1 can even be controlled by voice commands.

2. Sharp

Not to be outdone by Sony, Sharp also produces Smart TVs that use the Android operating system. This TV can be used to play Android games, stream movies, and open applications. Sharp also includes a Quad Core processor and 10GB internal hard drive.

Besides carrying 4K technology that makes the color of the image sharper and natural, Sharp also provides its Smart TV products with the X8 Master Engine that uses the world's first 8K Circuit Upscaling to produce images equivalent to 8K.

All TVs from Sharp have received protection against vibration, high temperature, high voltage, and much more.

3. Panasonic

Previously Sony and Sharp produced Smart TVs with Android OS, unlike Panasonic. This brand produces smart televisions that mostly use the Firefox operating system. The highest series of Smart TV Panasonic offers 4Khexa Chroma Diva Pro technology to display amazingly detailed images and look very real.

Considering this is a Smart TV, then you can use this smart TV from Panasonic to browse , stream , or open certain applications. Panasonic also provides a very large screen support so that you can enjoy every movie or TV show that is watched more realistically.

4. Samsung

Known as a brand that produces smartphones and tablets, it turns out that Samsung also has the best collection of smart TVs. For Smart TV made, Samsung uses the Smart Hub and Tizen operating systems. If you have substantial funds, buy a Samsung Smart TV with a curved screen . Because the TV screen is quite more comfortable to be seen from various angles.

Samsung also added the Auto Detection feature to detect frequently used HDMI. With just one simple remote control you can watch movies or TV shows easily. Come on , stream your favorite movies via smart TV from Samsung.

5. LG

Almost every Smart TV must use a different operating system, the example is LG. If Samsung uses Smart Hub or Tizen OS, LG uses WebOS.

With the operating system, you can not only use this TV to watch TV, but can also be used for streaming , browsing , and video calls if you add a special camera connected to this TV.

All smart televisions from LG are equipped with Virtual Surround Plus to produce impressive audio quality like watching a movie in a cinema. There are 3 LG Smart TV products on the market, namely 49LJ550T, 32LJ550D and 43LJ550T.

6. Toshiba

One of the smart TV brands that is worth considering is Toshiba. This brand offers a smart television based on the Android operating system. So, what's on this Toshiba smart TV? The combination of Auto View and Premium Cevo Engine on Toshiba smart TVs can produce more vivid images and more detailed colors.

For those of you who like watching football matches, Toshiba offers a Football Mode feature that will produce sound like a stadium. This smart TV is also capable of recording TV shows that you might miss to watch whenever you want.

7. Philips

Philips also enlivened the smart TV market by releasing several smart television series running on the Android operating system. If a conventional TV still relies on a remote control, on this Philips smart TV you can rule through voice.

As for this television, you can also play Android games that can be downloaded directly through the Google Play Store. If you install the Philips Smart TV remote application on your Android smartphone, then you can also turn your smartphone into a Philips smart TV remote control.

8. TCL

Maybe you are not too familiar with the TCL smart TV brand. In fact, the best smart TV brands are already quite well known in the United States. TCL uses the Android operating system on all of its smart TV products. Some of the highest TCL smart TV series are equipped with HDR Pro and Wide Color Gamut which makes the color and contrast of the image look perfect.

Interestingly, for TV series such as inches, TCL provides Harman Kardon speakers to make its audio quality better.

9. Changhong

Changhong is a solution for those of you who want to have the best smart TV at an economical price. Through the E6000i series, Changhong introduces a smart TV with powerful features. This TV already uses the Android 4.6 operating system.

Not only that, Smart TV from Changhong is claimed to be an Eco-friendly TV which means more energy efficient. Although there is not much technology offered through Changhong smart TV, but you can control this TV with a smartphone, connect WiFi to television, and browse with a super wide and wide screen.

10. Hisense

Just like TCL, Hisense may not be so popular in Indonesia, but this brand is already quite considered in America. Hisense relies on one of its smart TV series with a 75 inch screen, which is 75H10D. This is a ULED Smart TV with a full color and perfect contrast screen.

In addition, this smart television from Hisense has used Quantum Dot technology to guarantee the quality of the image. The exact operating system used by Hisense smart TV is not yet known, but this smart TV does not offer many features such as Sony or Samsung smart TVs.