The Secret of Healthy Cooking Techniques

Cooking is not just mixing ingredients, then processing it just like that. But cooking is art. What art, so you can serve delicious and healthy dishes.

Healthy lifestyle trends have changed the cooking patterns of housewives in urban areas. Good ways to choose food ingredients, as well as cooking techniques. So that the effect on family health.

Cooking techniques that we know so far include boiling, steaming, sautéing, burning, grilling, frying, and so on. The way to cook these foods has positive and negative values. For example: fried foods taste more savory and tasty, but because using high temperatures will damage some nutrients, among others, the fat becomes saturated.


There are 3 types of frying, namely deep frying, shallow frying, and stir frying.

Deep frying is a deep and submerged oil frying technique. Generally this method uses a type of solid oil (shortening). This method is usually used in hotels or fast food restaurants - to fry frozen food products that are crispy, such as fried chicken or french fries, donuts, bananas, and so on. This frying method has a negative impact on health.

Shallow frying techniques for frying with medium oil. Generally many housewives use this method.

Stir frying or sauté using a little oil, for example cah or oseng-oseng cooking. This method is relatively safe for health. Especially if using unsaturated vegetable oil, it is better than using animal oil.

It should also be known, if thick smoky cooking oil even smells burnt, because the temperature is very high, the oil should not be used again, it could contain lots of free radicals, because oxidation has occurred.


Cooking techniques using water vapor can be expected as an alternative to healthy cooking methods. With the cooking process in a certain time it will not change the color of the food ingredients and their nutritional content. Especially if done properly and correctly, which is using a steamer that is tightly closed, so that steam can cook effectively.

Another advantage is steaming, which can hold vitamins and minerals in food so that they don't suffer much damage. It can even dissolve most of the fat contained in food. Besides that steaming can make the taste of food become real, more delicious with a strong aroma.


Boiling is a technique of cooking with hot water, food submerged in water. direct contact with boiling water. So that not much of the nutrient content is damaged, food should be included after boiling water, and the fire is slightly reduced, especially for vegetables or fruit setups (compote). Boiling process with high temperature and long time, will damage the content of nutrients, taste decreases, damage the texture and color of food.

In the world of culinary art there is a cooking technique called poaching, which is boiling using a little water in an open pan. This method can also reduce the risk of losing nutrients. This method is suitable for boiling eggs or setup of fruits boiled with sugar.


Roasting is a high temperature cooking method (without water), for example with an oven. Good grilling techniques by putting food ingredients, such as meat that contains fat on special shelves, so that it is not submerged by oil or fat that comes out. If the roasting process is needed, soaking ingredients should be used using fat-free herbs or spices, such as vinegar, wine, tomato sauce, or lemon / lemon juice.

Micro-wave can also be a grill; more practical, fast and healthy. A good way to maintain vitamins C and B. However, it is also important to observe how to cook which can reduce nutritional content and endanger health. But it should also be noted that the temperature regulator, if too high can damage the nutritional content.


In principle, it's almost the same as baking, only the cooking technique is done on coals, like charcoal, often referred to as barbeque (BBQ). This method of cooking is much preferred because it can produce taste and aroma of food that is tempting. This is caused by decomposing nutrients from foodstuffs because they come in direct contact with heat sources, especially if the coals of certain charcoal compounds.

The process of burning food will be more delicious if it contains a lot of fat. This is what must be avoided, because the fat droplets that fall on the burner, then smoke and compounds with the meat have been suspected to have a negative effect on health.

If a conclusion is drawn, so that food nutrients after being cooked remain optimal, then saute or cah, roasting with the oven, steaming and boiling can be an option. For that there are some tips that need attention;

Avoid fumes coming from oil or animal fat drops, when sautéing or burning food
Boil vegetables for a while with sufficient amount of water
Steam the food with a close lid
Bake fatty meat or food on the shelves, if you need to use a leaf wrap or aluminum foil in the baked food (BBQ) so that the fat does not drip into the fuel.