Practical Tips for Preparing Sahur with Family

The fasting month has arrived, for mothers, preparing a meal for sahur is its own bustle. Check out the following tips so that eating sahur is more practical, fun and memorable for all family members.
For Muslims, the coming of Ramadan is highly anticipated. Running fasting with family is certainly very enjoyable. For mothers, getting up early to prepare a meal has become an annual routine. The limited time to prepare a meal for sahur can be dealt with in various ways. The goal is that you are not too rushed and delicious dishes are served in a short time. Check out practical tips on preparing the following meal meal:

  • Specify Menu. Long before Ramadan arrives, you have to design a menu for one month, or at least menu rotation for 10 days because with a 10-day rotation, the menu will not be repeated on the same day and avoid the boredom of the same dish. By designing menus, you don't need to be confused about what to shop and cook. In this way it will be more practical and efficient.
  • Create a Shopping List. Shopping lists are very important because they make it easier to choose materials so that shopping time is more efficient. With a shopping list also makes you avoid shopping for items that you don't want and miss or forget to buy ingredients.
  • Choose Practical Cuisine. The time to prepare a meal is very short. To be practical and efficient, choose a practical dish. You certainly do not have enough time to prepare a meal with making curry meat or warm because this dish takes hours. Choose practical dishes that require less cooking time, such as stir-fried vegetables, meat or chicken chips and fried fish.
  • Sepinggan cuisine. Preparing sahur dishes with various menus is also not a practical way. Occasionally choose the dish Sepinggan, which is one dish but contains elements of balanced nutrition. Such as fried meat and vegetable noodles, chicken and vegetable fried rice, spaghetti bolognese or cereal with milk and pieces of fruit. Dishes are quite practical because you don't need to prepare a variety of ingredients for different dishes.
  • Shopping Planning. Some kitchen ingredients are durable ingredients. Like rice, sugar, flour, tea, milk powder, cereals, coffee, nuts and dried herbs. Prepare a dry stock for one month, in this way you are more time efficient. Side dishes such as meat, chicken, fish, and sausages can last up to two weeks if stored in the freezer. Vegetables and wet seasonings can be stored every three days. Vegetable ingredients and wet seasonings can be obtained at the vegetable vegetable shop so you don't have to leave the house just to shop for vegetables.
  • Frozen Food. Currently many frozen foods are sold, such as chicken nuggets, fish sticks, meat rolls, meatballs, smoked meats and frozen vegetables. These ingredients are ready for processing so you don't need to prepare spices that take a lot of time.
  • Durable Side Dish Stock. Some types of cuisine last up to one week, such as dried tempeh, dried potatoes, serundeng, shrimp crackers, shredded beef, beef jerky, or meat rendang. Armed with this side dish, you just have to warm and prepare additional side dishes for dawn.
  • Modification of the Fasting Dish. When preparing dishes to break the fast longer, you can prepare dishes for dawn at once. like making soup broth, making large amounts of stock, storing the stock in the freezer and you just have to prepare the ingredients at dawn. Breaking dishes such as fried chicken, beefsteak, bacem tempeh, and tofu contents will still be delicious to eat at dawn even though you make it when breaking the fast. How, make this dish in large quantities, and store it in the refrigerator, warm it when the dawn arrives.
  • Take advantage of free time. During holidays or leisure time, invite children to prepare ingredients and seasonings, such as peeling onions, making basic ingredients, cutting vegetables or seasoning dishes. Some types of dishes such as meat steaks, or fried chicken will be more delicious if you marinade with seasoning first. Store herbs and ingredients in the refrigerator. Now you don't have to bother preparing ingredients and seasonings for the next few days.
  • Delegate Tasks. For lighter work, for tasks with division of labor. Like the husband's duty to throw a dining table. Children help prepare utensils and drink or warm food. Helpers prepare ingredients and seasonings to be cooked. And you just have to cook dishes according to the menu prepared.