Examples of Existing Affinity & Worksite Programs in Indonesia

Before making a choice, many people want to know the example of an affinity program & worksite in Indonesia. Programs or products provided by the insurance can vary, but there are several programs that are the same. You can also choose it based on your needs. For more details, you can look at affinity programs and work sites below.

Travel / Travel Insurance

As the name implies, this insurance guarantees its members when traveling or on vacation. Some insurance companies that provide travel insurance establish cooperation with certain airlines. So by buying flight tickets automatically you will get Travel Insurance protection. Protection guarantees are available 24 hours and include delays, loss of goods or documents, inconvenience, accidents, and medical services.

Payment Protection Insurance

In this type of insurance, the provider cooperates with several retail companies. So, you can buy products at minimarkets or supermarkets that are on the insurance list. There are many benefits if you or a particular company takes a payment protection insurance program. Among other things, repairing or replacing damaged goods within 30 days after purchase in Indonesia or 45 days if the goods are purchased abroad.

Student Protection Insurance

One other example of the affinity & worksite program in Indonesia can be taken by those who are continuing their studies or those of you who have children at school age. Some insurers work with schools and universities for this program. Guarantees provided are quite a lot. Among others, guarantees for partial or total permanent disability to death due to an accident. There is also the cost of hospitalization due to illness or accident provided by the insurance.

Property Insurance

Increasing public interest in property also attracts insurance to provide this type of program. Some types of property guaranteed by insurance include residential houses, apartments, shop houses, offices, hospitals, and so on. As one type of property protection instrument, insurance will guarantee losses both in financial terms and property damage. Among other things caused by fire, explosion, lightning, to damage due to the fall of large objects such as aircraft.

Car insurance

For those of you who have a car, it's good to take car insurance just in case. This type of insurance does not only guarantee your vehicle when damaged by an accident. When you will send it out of town or island, car insurance is needed for the shipping process to arrive safely. Other guarantees provided by the insurance include loss of goods until theft.

This is the example of an affinity & worksite program in Indonesia and hopefully it will be useful for you!