Benefits & Benefits of Using Affinity & Worksite Programs

There are many benefits & benefits of using affinity & worksite programs, especially for companies or employees. Affinity and worksite are usually associated with insurance and are used by companies to support the welfare of employees and the agency. In Indonesia there are already many providers of these two programs, with benefits and benefits as described below.

Benefits of the Affinity Program and Worksite

In short, affinity allows both parties to get more value from a partnership. From this relationship, they will get some benefits. Among other things, joint promotion or joint promotion from two parties. Joint promotion will automatically turn into a campaign, then enter the database of members or customers. That way, the target market of both parties will be even wider.

Then, there will be a commission or some kind of premium discount that will be given on the sale of certain products. If the product has more value that other companies do not have, the loyalty of members and customers will also increase. This loyalty or loyalty will also apply to employees who participate in a worksite program such as insurance. Because, their safety at work will always be guaranteed and make them more calm.

The benefits & advantages of using the affinity program & the actual worksite are not much different. One of them is the best premium and rate discount that will be obtained by employees from companies that take worksite programs. In fact, there are some worksite collaborations that provide convenience for employees in their premium payments with installment programs several times, depending on the terms and conditions applied by the worksite provider.

Various Benefits from Affinity and Worksite

In addition to employees, companies that take affinity programs and work sites such as insurance will also benefit. Among them is the administrative process handled by the insurance, especially in health costs. The insurance company will usually take care of the claim until the analysis to the employee. In addition, the company will also get periodic reports from the insurance company, so the company knows the details of insurance for its employees.

The insurance company even manages fairly tightly on health costs. As we know, health costs continue to rise from year to year. They manage finances in such a way that the impact of fluctuations can be reduced. Using health insurance also means that a company can use a hospital that cooperates with insurance companies. So, employees will have no trouble finding a referral hospital again.

Furthermore, insurance services can guarantee the safety of people in large quantities without the hassle of taking care of it. With the benefits & advantages of using affinity & worksite this much, there is no other reason for the company not to cooperate with insurance companies that can be trusted.