Get to know the Affinity and Worksite Programs for Companies and Employees

In the world of work, getting to know the affinity program & worksite for companies & employees is very important. Although the target market for affinity and worksite is different, in fact these two programs are closely related. The company owners and employees will benefit from joining the two programs. To find out more, let's look at the affinity explanation and worksite below.

Understanding Affinity Program and Worksite

The word affinity or affinity in KBBI has the meaning of interest or sympathy which is characterized by equality of interests. Whereas in this case, affinity is a concept of cooperation that is built between one company and another company or certain organization. The collaboration was created to create a special program with the aim of giving more value or profit to each party.

While the worksite is briefly related to insurance. More fully, the worksite is a sales process from the insurance side of a group that has ties in certain jobs. This sales phase can also apply to those who have membership in the community or legal entities and other businesses. From this definition, you can see that affinity and worksite have a pretty strong bond.

Then, as mentioned, affinity and worksite have different target markets. Affinity is aimed at customer-based companies. While worksite is more focused on employees or company employees. Even so, by recognizing affinity & worksite programs for companies & employees, they can provide benefits for both parties.

What Will Happen If You Don't Join the Two Programs?

Even though many companies have collaborated and worked on the insurance needs of their stakeholders, not a few companies have doubts about the concept of collaboration. In fact, this collaboration is very beneficial; good for companies or employees. Moreover, many office employees feel benefited by the existence of insurance facilities, especially in the health sector. Health insurance can actually be managed by employees. However, the stage and administration is more difficult than insurance which is managed collectively by the company.

The absence of insurance from the facility will indirectly reduce employee performance. They will feel ignored and not enthusiastic about working. In addition, the HRD will be busy overseeing and analyzing the needs of employees, even though this is not their job description. This will make the main HRD work neglected.

On the other hand, the company will also be affected. Just mention the fluctuations in health costs that arise due to various types of factors. Health costs that continue to increase from year to year will also burden employees. Especially if they get an accident or serious illness. By recognizing the affinity & worksite program for companies & employees, all parties will benefit and can ease each other's burden.