What are the best types of insurance for newly married young couples?

Young couples who have just married may not be so interested in using insurance, because it still feels unnecessary and both salaries are considered sufficient. This is a common thing, especially if later the workplace company also provides insurance services for all employees. But if later the couple has children, the situation may change 180 degrees.
Having children is certainly a separate thought related to the financing of life and also various educational costs. There are a number of needs that can be handled by insurance which have become an attraction for this young couple.

  • Sudden and urgent needs related to the early life of marriage such as paying home installments.
  • The cost of educating children who soars, makes the education needs of education very urgent. Because someday, the cost of education cannot always be covered by salary alone.
  • The need for guaranteed old age, is also very important considering the work that is not always and there is retirement. This period after retirement needs to be considered further with the right insurance planning.
  • There are several types of asuansi that can be used by newly married couples as their choice to plan for the future. Some of these insurance have advantages that will provide a guarantee and certainty for a better future, including:

    Life insurance

    Of course this is not something that plays games, considering death only God knows how and when. By using life insurance, it means that we are far more prepared when things happen that we don't really want.

    Health Insurance

    Not only parents have the potential for disease, but young couples also have the same potential. Here is the importance of health insurance, because we never know if it turns out we have a severe illness suddenly. Even though medical costs continue to crawl up, with the right insurance will definitely provide definite financial protection when sick.

    Education insurance

    No less important than the two types of insurance mentioned above that the educational costs do not play. To get quality school facilities and teaching facilities, the costs needed are also increasing. With salaries always running out for daily needs, education investment and the future of children will be better protected by education insurance.

    Home and vehicle insurance

    Having a property or a comfortable vehicle is everyone's dream. Because with a comfortable and excellent vehicle will make mobility more smoothly and controlled. This is one of the advantages of home and vehicle insurance, as a better future planning. Because we never know whether the house will continue to be strong, whether the vehicle will always be smooth, this is a specter in itself. Of course with home insurance and vehicles will minimize feelings of anxiety and sudden and urgent needs.