Pension Insurance, Need?

Retirement is a word that is familiar to us. Retirement is a condition where a person is no longer productive or arguably already unable to work and earn income. The age of people who retire usually ranges from 60 to 70 years. Everyone will experience old age and retirement so that not a few of us are afraid and worried because we will no longer be able to earn income for our children and grandchildren. To answer this anxiety, pension insurance services are the answer.

Living in retirement with a happy life is the hope of every human being. With insurance, everything will be resolved.

Development of Pension Insurance

Insurance is initially made for protection to protect the consequences in financial terms that will arise if the person who is insured dies. For example, if an employee dies, the insurance company will provide protection in the form of compensation commonly referred to as sum assured or UP provided to the family left behind.

In its development, insurance is not only selling products with protective properties, but has now been coupled with investment products. Now the most popular in the Indonesian community is a unit link, which in addition to protecting him can also invest. For example if you take a policy but then within 10 years you die, the heir or family you leave will get a sum of 100 million. Now this is what is called protection. But if within 10 years you are still given health then you will still get the 100 million after 10 years since you took the policy. Now that is what is called the investment element.

Benefits and Examples of Illustrations of Pension Insurance Funds

For more details about pension insurance funds, here will be given an illustration when you have retirement insurance and your retirement has arrived.

For example, you are now 30 years old and do not have the habit of smoking and working in the office. You take the initiative to take part in pension insurance by deducting a monthly salary of 1 million / month for a period of 10 years. So the amount saved in the 10-year period is 120,000,000. calculated by means of 1 million x 12 months x 10 years and the results are 120,000,000. with insurance, you will get a big profit.

The first advantage is that the funds you invest have the opportunity to grow to 158,900,000 within 10 years. But if you don't take it then that number can grow to 856 million when you are 55 years old (25 years) and can also be 3 billion when you are 65 years old. The second advantage is health protection, if you are treated in a hospital for more than 2 days a maximum of 1 million per day or 150.5 million per year. The third advantage is the protection of permanent disability of 260 million and protection of 33 types of diseases classified as critical at 100 million. The fourth advantage is the inheritance for a family of 250 million or 500 million if you die from an accident before turning 60.

Decide immediately for your bright old age by following a pension insurance program with various guarantees and benefits that will also be useful for you and your beloved family.