Easy Tips to Increase Natural Body Resistance

Have you ever experienced a decreased endurance? When the immunity is weakened, the body is susceptible to health problems. From the start of insomnia, the flu, easily tired, until the herpes.

Quoted from the site ncbi.nlm.nih.gov , there are seven organs that make up the immune system. The organs include, mucous membranes in the nose and throat, tonsils, lymph nodes, lymph, thymus, spinal cord, intestines, membranes in the vital and bladder, and skin.

From that point, it can be concluded; most immune is in the digestive system. That is why, increased endurance naturally should begin by applying the following tips.

1. Sleep Quality

Do you often feel weak and lack of excitement? Lack of sleep can be one of the main causes. It indicates the immune system is weakening.

When sleeping, T cells in the body work to improve the immune system. These cells fight various viruses and pathogens. Conversely, if you do not rest for 24 hours, the performance of T cells becomes inhibited.

The facts are revealed through research in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology . They prove that, deep sleep helps the body in natural immune forming.

2. Get Simply Sunshine

You feel afraid of exposure to sunlight? From now on, ignore the taste. The reason, sunlight at certain hours is very good to maintain immunity.

First, sunlight contains vitamin D that can prevent autoimmune disease and cancer. Second, ultravioletnya light can improve the performance of T cells in the human body. Research team Georgetown University Medical Center revealed that, it took about 5-10 minutes for the rays can strengthen immune.

3. Consumption of Yoghurt

One of the organs that make up the immune system is the intestine. To increase the immune, the intestine requires probiotics. Generally, probiotics derived from bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium .

Yoghurt is a milk-based drink containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus . Therefore, eating them regularly can prevent various kinds of dangerous diseases, such as heart failure . Also can improve the performance of NK cells ( Natural Killer ); the strongest immune system in the body.

4. Controlling the Mind to Not Stress

When you are stressed, the body releases the glucocorticoid hormone. Such discharges can occur over a long period of time. If ignored, hormone release may interfere with thymus performance as an immune-producing organ.

In addition, it can inhibit T cell activity. According to research team from Ohio State University , the number of T cells in people with depression tends to decline. That's because the production of interleukin and cytokines in the body is disturbed by stress hormones.

5. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

Smoking not only disrupts health, but also can lower the immune system. How did that happen? This is caused by the substance of nicotine with a high amount of cigarettes contained.

Some of the negative effects of nicotine, namely increasing the heart rate, raising blood pressure , and cause insomnia. When a person is exposed to insomnia, automatically brain waves keep awake. As mentioned before, not sleeping overnight can weaken T cell function.

The result is predictable; immunity decreases significantly if the smoking habit is continued. This also applies to alcohol consumption. These compounds are capable of destroying immune cells in an instant. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol is one way to increase endurance is very effective and can start you apply now!

6. Eating Fruit Containing Vitamin C

You like eating oranges? This fruit contains many vitamin C that can increase the activity of NK cells. One function of NK cells is to prevent the onset of cancer.

In addition to NK cells, neutrophil performance is also more optimal. This cell is part of the white blood that can restore and prevent infection. Vitamin C also strengthens the lymphocytes so the body is able to detect the presence of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Then, what fruit has the highest vitamin C content? One guava contains 200 mg of vitamin C, while oranges are only 59-83 mg. That is, you can consume guava as a substitute for oranges.

7. Drinking Enough Water

You ever feel tired even if you do not move? One reason is less drinking water. Reported from the site health.harvard.edu , lack of fluids can lead to weak body.

Therefore, try to drink water at least 8 glasses a day. This habit effectively establishes the immune system in the body.

8. Consumption of Multivitamins Like Bio Strath

Consume additional supplements such as Bio Strath which contains 61 different nutrients and vitamins you can also do if you lack adequate nutrition and vitamins every day. Bio Strath is a 100% natural based supplement that is safe to consume in the long term as one way to increase body endurance naturally.

Well, that's how to increase body endurance naturally. Yuk, diligent exercise and lots of fruit to consume healthy and strong body!