Various types of financial services

Financial Services is a term often used to indicate the type of services provided or provided by the financial institutions industry. The industry of financial institutions in question is for example Banks, insurance companies, securities, consumer finance companies, and credit card companies. The following are some explanations related to institutions or companies working in the field of financial services.

Credit Guarantee Company

Credit guarantee companies are one of the legal entities working in the financial sector where the main activity of this company is to provide credit loans to customers. The credit guarantee company aims to help Small Businesses, Medium Enterprises, Micro Enterprises to access funds from other financial institutions, such as banking.

Infrastructure Guarantee Company

The infrastructure guarantee company is one form of state-owned company. The purpose of the establishment of this company is to guarantee projects that cooperate with the government, but this business entity is engaged only in infrastructure which is carried out by providing infrastructure guarantees.

Indonesian Export Provision Institute

Based on Law No. 2 of 2009 concerning Indonesian Export Financing institutions, the Indonesian Export Financing Institution or (LPEI) established to assist and support policies carried out by the government in encouraging the export of original domestic goods to certain countries.

Housing Secondary Financing Company

The function or task of establishing this company is to provide various types of housing finance. The purpose of housing finance is to increase housing finance capacity so that it can be reached by people in various groups. In Indonesia there is only one Housing Secondary Financing Company, the name of the company is PT Sarana Multigriya Financial or often abbreviated as PT. SMF (Persero).

Pawnshop Company

The government has a program to improve the welfare of the lower middle class. To improve and support the government program, pawnshops were established to facilitate micro, small and medium scale businesses in seeking capital loans with relatively small loan interest rates. Lending has a legal basis for pawn and fiduciary.

Social Security Administrator

This financial service institution is often referred to as BPJS which was established based on Law Number 24 of 2011 concerning the Social Security Organizing Agency. This company provides guarantees in various forms, namely life insurance, health insurance, work accident insurance, pension insurance, and old age insurance. This type of guarantee can be tailored to the needs and desires of people who use BPJS.

Microfinance Institutions

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are established not only for profit. This financial service institution is engaged specifically in the field of providing business development services and economic empowerment of the community. The trick is to provide loans and direct financing for micro-scale businesses both to its members or to the community. The company also manages community or group deposits and is willing to provide consultation in business development carried out by community groups and individuals.

You can choose a financial service provider company according to your needs and desires. Both for individuals and for groups for the smooth running of your business. Each company institution also has its own levels, ranging from those available to the lower classes to the upper class with a nominal variety. Financial services are the industry with the largest income in the world, reaching 20%. With so many benefits, it is not surprising that in Indonesia more and more financial service companies are born.