Gold investment with advantages and disadvantages

Gold investment is something that is still rarely done by most Indonesian people. This may be because they are not too familiar and understand about what is meant by investing in gold. But it turns out, nowadays there are many Indonesians who understand and invest gold for their future.

Most people invest or save gold to maintain and secure their wealth and to fulfill their future plans. In addition, it is also to maintain the buying value in the future and can also be used to increase wealth. But of course before you decide to invest in gold, you must consider the aspects of strengths and weaknesses in it.

Advantages of Gold Investing

If you have never invested in gold, surely you want to know what the advantages of this investment are compared to other investments. Here we inform you about some of the advantages of investing in gold compared to other investments.

  • Of course gold investment is something that can be profitable for you, because the price of gold every year is always stable and even tends to continue to rise. This has been proven since the last 10 years that the price of gold even rose by more than 250%. In addition, gold is not affected by inflation (zero inflation effect). With the value of prices that continue to rise each year and are not affected by inflation, you can maintain your wealth or even increase the wealth that you have now.
  • Gold is a precious metal that you can sell at any time according to your needs and is also an object whose buying value is always stable. If at any time the gold purchase price decreases, then the prices of other commodities such as oil, rice, sugar will also go down. Therefore you don't need to worry when the price of gold decreases.
  • If at any time there is an economic crisis, you will remain safe because you have a gold investment as a real asset.
  • Gold is a precious metal whose selling value is determined internationally. This means that the price of gold does not depend on just a country's economic, political and bureaucratic policies. As long as you have gold assets in your hands, then you don't need to worry about interest rates, inflation and others.
  • As you already know, gold can be used as a collection or jewelry that can beautify yourself.
  • Investing in gold will not reduce your assets. You can actually benefit and increase your wealth by investing in gold.
  • Gold is an investment instrument that is easy to find anywhere. Easy to buy and easy to sell at any time.
  • Disadvantages of Gold Investing

    Gold investment does have many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

  • In investing in gold, you tend to have to be more careful and consider the factors of storage and maintenance. Because this can determine in maintaining the stability of the price of gold. Just as if we store large amounts of gold, it is relatively risky and also expensive. If we store it in a bad place, it can allow oxidation and discoloration. If we save gold in the form of coins, then if the coin is dented or scratched, it will be difficult to repair and will reduce the price value.
  • Weakness in investing in other gold is that we can only feel the benefits of investing if we have invested in a long period of time, namely at least one year.