Body Fit, Vacation Becomes More Memorable

For mothers who are accustomed to working in the office, the end of the year holiday turns out to have its own challenges, you know. During holidays you will spend more time at home or traveling out of town. If you are vacationing at home, you might feel that managing and doing business at home is not trivial and takes a lot of energy. Especially if you are not used to doing it yourself. And if you travel out of town, of course physical activity will be more than usual.
Completing your own domestic work or traveling does involve physical activity that consumes calories and body fluids. If you usually spend more time working in a sitting position in front of a computer screen, your body will now be required to move more and increase muscle use. No wonder if in the early days of the holiday season your body will feel sore. Well, so that the holiday continues to run pleasantly, pay attention to the following things, let's go.

Take care of health

Drastic changes in physical activity during the holiday season can make you feel painful, sore at night and even at risk of getting sick. Especially if before you did exercise rarely. Even if you are accustomed to doing domestic work and are diligent about exercising, usually during holidays activities are indeed a lot extra, especially if you go on vacation out of town.

Therefore, you need to recognize the signals your body is conveying. Reduce activity if you already feel not fit and make sure to get enough rest. Then, make sure you also get enough nutrition and consume Bear Brand every day to help maintain your body's health.

Perform balanced physical activity

During the holidays, don't force yourself to do everything yourself. Whether at home or while on vacation out of town, you can share your assignments with family members or travel companions. If everything is done alone, you might not even enjoy your vacation.

Well, limiting busyness does not mean not doing physical activity at all, you know. Light exercise still needs to be done during the holidays to keep the body in shape. For example by walking for 45 minutes in the morning. This method can help strengthen bones while benefiting from the morning sun.

Prepare you physically

For mothers who are not accustomed to doing domestic work such as sweeping the floor and cooking, you need to be more careful so you don't slip, sprained or anything else. Likewise in the early days when traveling, limit your activities so that your body is not 'shocked'.