Coverage of Property Insurance You Need to Know

Using insurance is now starting to be intensified in the community, because its function is very important in planning a far better future. There are also many types of insurance ranging from life insurance, health insurance, education insurance, fire insurance or property insurance and so forth. Of these insurance, many people cannot distinguish between property insurance and fire insurance.

This is because the second coverage of the insurance is very different with different functions. Usually if you use property insurance, fire insurance is also one of the coverage. However, if only fire insurance is mentioned, then this might not be included in the realm of property insurance. For more details, see below:

Home Insurance (Private Property Insurance)

This insurance has coverage with future protection for buildings in the form of houses or other occupancy. For this insurance, all the furniture in the house, all forms will be borne as soon as possible by personal property insurance. But of course for insurance like this there must be an agreement at the beginning which is included in the agreement clause. Another function of this insurance is that there is a guarantee of risk protection, including fire, natural disasters, or theft and also certain cases that cause chaos.

Property Insurance (Industrial Business and Property Properties)

The protection coverage of this insurance is anything related to the place of industry both small, medium and large industrial industries. all assets and equipment in a warehouse, factory, or place of business will be covered by insurance. However, it must be remembered that all risks borne by insurance must be based on agreement / initial agreement when applying for insurance. This is to avoid claims that are not in accordance with the initial agreement.
Basically there are several risks which are then not borne by the insurance company for several reasons, including:

  • The occurrence of a short circuit that then causes a fire
  • The occurrence of wars and events caused by the masses then made the place of business burn.
  • The nature of the goods and also the materials that exist in highly flammable industrial premises.
  • All vehicles in the place of business do not get insurance, because it is outside the scope of the property insurance itself.
  • The occurrence of radioactive pollution or the use of nuclear materials, which of course makes the business place very vulnerable to fire.
  • A fire caused by someone intentionally wanting to burn the place.
  • Very sudden and unpredictable natural disasters. Like an earthquake, the insurer cannot disburse the claim. But of course this depends on the initial agreement when the policy agreement is submitted.

  • Thus, some coverage of insurance that you need to know, hopefully useful.